Candace Middleton was ordered to pay more than $17 million to the estate of Le Yang for mishandling a 911 call that the court said resulted in the death of 7-year-old Le Yang on Jan. 19, 2015. Pulaski County Circuit Court handed down the ruling on Oct. 16.

The City of Little Rock was dismissed from the suit based on immunity earlier this year. An appeal is planned. Jinglei Yi and her 5-year-old, Yang, were driving to Yang's preschool when the SUV hit a patch of black ice near the Capitol Hill Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue/Rushmore Avenue intersection in Little Rock.

The SUV wound up in a pond south of Capitol Hill Boulevard. Yi called 911 and was told by Middleton that help was on the way. Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services arrived to discover that Middleton had failed to dispatch police and fire department water rescue.

The SUV was in the pond for 55 minutes after the call the 911. Jinglei died that morning and Le survived for two years before dying of his drowning-related injuries.

Dayong Yang, Yang's father, is the holder of Yang's estate. McMath Wood P.A. represented him in the legal proceedings. They have made court documents available online.