LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We’re starting to get a clearer picture of when medical marijuana will be available on dispensary shelves. It was decided Friday evening, The Medical Marijuana Commission will award the five licenses to grow marijuana on Feb. 27.

Over the past few months, the Department of Finance and Administration has been de-personalizing the 95 applications for cultivation facilities. They'll hand them over to the commission in two weeks who has to turn them back in with their scores on Feb. 20. Then on Feb. 27, a meeting will be held where those license award winners will be announced.

With how things are moving along, medical marijuana leaders think it looks like marijuana could be available on dispensary shelves by mid to late next year.

“You actually have to grow the plants, got to cultivate it, process it, test it. I think from February to them actually getting product out, I suspect six months, and then the dispensary has to get up and going they have to have a place to sell the product,” said Medical Marijuana Commission member Carlos Roman.

The applications for dispensaries haven't even been touched yet. The Department of Finance and Administration suggested an April deadline to have those applications scored and ready to be awarded, but the commission will not set a date for that until February.