LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Protestors are making every point they can to show Governor Hutchinson that they believe his decisions to go forward with executions is wrong.

Those for the death penalty, like state senator Bart Hester, don't understand why protestors are standing up for convicted killers.

Hester said “it just makes me ill that they want to go protest these people that have maliciously intentionally taken the life of someone else.”

He said the protestors are focused in the wrong direction, “I don't understand why their energy is not out there trying to support the victims and their families.”

Hester feels this isn't an exciting time but a necessary time, “we have to have a serious consequence for the most serious of crimes, this is justice and this is what the justice system has said is fair.”

Earlier this week we sat down with James Phillips whose wife’s killer, Jack Jones, is scheduled to be executed April 24th. Phillips said Jones is finally going to get what he deserves. He said this process has been drawn out for 22 years and if he doesn’t get his closure now, then he never will.

“I’ll be very disappointed, I would be very irritated, and I would just go on like I have been going on. I have no intentions of ever going back in front of that parole board or Supreme Court again,” he said.

The protests will continue throughout the weekend, into Monday, and every day until the last execution.