NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A week of strong storms left damages across the natural state, but beautiful weather is expected this weekend.

And while you may want to get out and enjoy it, there may be dangers under all that water. A lot of areas still seeing higher than normal river and lake levels.

Laurie Driver, with the Army Corp of Engineers, sent a warning to boaters. She said after heavy rains and strong winds, rivers and streams are experiencing higher water levels that may hinder boaters from seeing objects underneath the water.

"If they do go out to enjoy their weekend, not be injured or their boat injured by being very very safe,” Driver said. "A lot of our lakes on the White river or the majority of them are going to be full for a number of weeks.”

Driver recommends boaters head to nearby lakes, instead of rivers. Like everything safety is always a number one priority, and the Little Rock Coast Guard recommend boaters and their crew wear a life vest when out on the water. Marina Owner Roger Nesuda is expecting a lot of boaters to hit the water this weekend at Lake Maumelle.


“You really have to be careful,” Nesuda said. "You know you can never be too safe out here.”

He said currents, rocks and debris will be something boaters need to look out for. Nesuda recommends boaters use safety tips like wearing a life jacket, going slower in higher water and watch out for floating or submerged objects.

"If you happen to get caught up in the lake in this heavy wind, then its real important to wear your life jacket,” Nesuda said. “That's so important to have that life jacket on."

Right now the water is about 10 feet above normal at Lake Maumelle. There's not a whole lot of debris in the lake, it's more so when you enter into Rivers and streams.