DES ARC, Ark. (KTHV) - A senior at Des Arc High School is almost finished with an unusual project: organizing a benefit auction. And he is doing it for a reason that shows maturity beyond your typical teenager.

Dawson Moye is organizing a barbecue dinner and auction on behalf of Haley Lightsey, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

“It’s been a headache, I won’t lie,” Moye admitted. “It’s something different. I’ve never done nothing this big, and it’s turned out to be way bigger than what I expected.”

Moye first met Haley through her husband, Glenn. Moye taught Glenn Lightsey how to train dogs, and they became hunting partners and close friends.

“I spent many nights with them, just hanging out, cooking,” Moye said. “Glenn, he’s great, outgoing, outdoors. Funny. Haley’s sweet. Kinda shy at the beginning, but once you get to know her, she’s really, really sweet. And she’s just a loving, wonderful with her kids. There for them 24/7, just a great mother and a great wife.”

Haley Lightsey gave birth to their second child a couple weeks ago, but during her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

“Being the first one to find out, and him coming to tell me, it really broke my heart,” Moye recalled. “Like I said, she’s family to me. He’s like a brother, and I guess she’s like a sister to me.”

Moye decided he needed to do something, so he started planning a fundraiser.

“Dondie’s, in Des Arc, they were local, and he donated about 200 pounds of barbecue meat,” Moye mentioned. “We had the smokers, so we knew that we could get it done.”

His relatives have helped, spending the last 36 hours putting meat in the smoker and chopping it. Moye started the process of procuring auction items, and in a small town where seemingly everyone knows everyone else, found lots of support for his idea.

“It’s all kinds of different items. Duck hunts, deer hunts… out of state, even,” he said. “Big items that I did not think we would get, but we, luckily, people’s come together and done it.”

The money raised during the fundraiser will only start to cover the cost of Haley Lightsey’s chemotherapy, but Moye believes anything he can do for her is better than anything else he could be doing.

“I know, senior year, graduating’s a big thing,” he stated, “but right now, a life and raising as much money to help out is way more important than school.”

The auction and barbecue dinner will be Saturday, October 8, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at Des Arc Elementary School.