CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Conway's downtown corridor is evolving, and a new steakhouse is the latest development.

The grand opening of the John Daly Steakhouse in Conway is just one example of a growing downtown. In the past three years the Conway Chamber of Commerce said Downtown Conway has experienced a boom and there's more to come.

For decades, downtown Conway has been home to quaint shops and restaurants. But now that small-town quirky character is being transformed into an urban vibe.

Jamie Gates with the Conway Chamber of Commerce said the city of Conway has several projects happening in its downtown.

"We're always encouraged when new businesses come into downtown, with this one it raises the standard not only in Conway, but in downtown Conway. It gives visitors, people visiting for business it gives them a setting another option that wasn't available before," Gates said.

The opening of John Daly's Steakhouse brings upscale dining to the small town. Chelsea McFadin, one of the co-owners of Daly’s restaurant said the steakhouse features a 5,000-square-foot dining room on the bottom floor and executive-style lofts on the top floor.

"We are a prime steakhouse, so that's our main dish is prime. But, we also have fish, chicken, a good variety," McFadin said.

Gates contributes the recent growth to the younger population making Conway home.

"An increase in residential housing, different types of dining options like the steakhouse and then more people are working and spending time here," Gates said.

Creating a decidedly urban vibe to what has been quintessential suburbia. Gates said the city of Conway hopes to see their growth spurt continue.

“Hopefully, for years you're going to see Downtown Conway as a mix of keeping the best of our history and then mixing in these new ideas for the future," she said.