LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- Downtown Little Rock is seeing an economic boom from events going on in the metro.

The events include; the Little Rock Marathon, a Green Day concert at Verizon Arena, and the Phantom of the Opera showing at Robinson.

Cole Stufflebeam from Fort Smith feels each event brings in different kinds of crowds, “you're going to get generations of fans and people who don't even know their music are going to be here tonight.”

He also said the foot traffic helps local businesses, “anytime I go anywhere for a show I always get here early and I like to scatter around the city and find a really nice local restaurant and kind of explore the city a little bit.”

Brian Williams from White Hall said, “we're here from out of town so anytime we have something big like this we come to Little Rock.”

Megan Willis loves going to the local shops, “I like the boutiques and seeing what they have to sell whether it's a boutique or just an antique shop.”

Manager of Kilwins, Kevin Johnson, said his businesses is seeing the benefit of more venues, “it gets different customers in here and they have fun and they enjoy the products.”

He said the more help from local businesses, the better, “with this being a family owned business this is very beneficial that these different organizations come in and conventions.”

Johnson said the extra business gives him the opportunity to invest back into the city, “we do things for the Girl Scouts and we do things for other organizations and try to give to the organizations as well.”