LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Entergy crews from across Central Arkansas headed to the Houston area on Tuesday morning.

90 crews from Arkansas were sent to help restore power in several areas around southern Texas.

Entergy spokesman David Lewis said no energy companies are typically staffed with the number of crews needed for a disaster like this.

“During times like this energy companies count on each other to help out,” said Lewis. “We call it a mutual assistance agreement.”

He said the agreement has been helpful for Arkansans when crews from other parts of the country have come to help during various disasters. For any area affected by large storms, there is a high need for lineman. The crews sent from central Arkansas consisted mainly of lineman and their support staff. They're prepared to serve in Texas for about a week.

“They know to a degree what to expect but you don't really know what you are getting into until you get there,” said Lewis. “They are functioning on an hour by hour and case by case basis.”

Cory Culp is a senior lineman traveling to Texas. This trip won't be his first helping an area devastated by flooding and storms. Culp has traveled to several areas impacted by hurricanes including Texas during Hurricane Rita. He told THV11 he learned that every storm is different and that lineman face different obstacles on the job that goes beyond just flooding.

“We will have people trying to get away from the storm as were going into it so we'll likely run into some traffic situations along with tree damage, down power lines, poles in the road, and any debris kicked up by the storm,” he said.

But they're prepared to be right on the front lines.

“Sometimes we may come in right behind a first responder if they have issues with electrical lines or a pole that’s a danger to the public,” said Culp. “We’ll get that call and come in right behind them to clear it up and make it safe.”

Culp also mentioned that he anticipates their team will be in the Houston area longer than the planned week. He spent 21 days helping with during Hurricane Rita.