BEBBE, Ark. (KTHV)- The Beebe Police Department rolled out a new Special Drug Task force earlier this year and so far they're cracking down on drugs - one arrest after another.

Detective Steven Hall said Beebe is known for their drug arrest and he is proud of that.

“We were doing some undercover work and we heard in the work that one person said they don't want to come to Beebe because they head the Beebe police department has been arresting a lot of people, so I guess it's working!” he said.

So far the department has made 56 arrest but 33 of those have been people that don't even live in the city and of those arrests, 145 are felony charges.

“I think it's a benefit to the whole city because if you get the drugs off the streets it’ll reduce the crime. All crime gets reduced by reducing the amount do drug in the city,” Hall said.

Gerrie Pemberton, Director of Crisis House of Recovery, said in response to the number of drug arrests they've opened the very first recovery program in Beebe.

“We had a very big turnout so big we will have to get more tables, we had 32 people,” she said.

Pemberton said anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

“You can also bring your kids, we want your kids to grow with you because they've seen you and they're a product of your environment so we want to give them a chance to grow and break that cycle also,” she said.

She hopes with the new drug task force and new program, the city can overcome the drug war.

“We have friend, family, and people that want a different way of life and when we stand with them that empowers them to have a different way of life,” she said.

Crissie’s House of Recovery meets from 6-8 p.m. every Thursday and they also serve dinner.

You can call Gerrie Pemberton for more information at 870-731-4250. The recovery house is located at 310 South Main Street in Beebe, Ark.