EARLE, Ark. (KTHV) - A firefighter with the Earle Fire Department has been fired after a Facebook post that suggested athletes be shot in the head for protesting during the national anthem.

Assistant Fire Chief John Buford made a post Monday on the fire department's Facebook page announcing that the firefighter had been relieved of their duties indefinitely.

In the post, the former firefighter said that President Donald Trump should "post snipers at every game" and any athlete that took a knee or sat in the locker room "should be shot in the head."

"Earle Fire Department in no way agrees with the statements that were made and that type of behavior will not be tolerated by any employees," Buford said.

The fired firefighter also said that anybody protesting or "making idiots of yourselves" should be "shot on sight."

Below is the full, unedited post:

"U want my honest opinion about these worthless piece of crap proffessional football basketball and baseball wannabe players i think trump should post snipers at every game and each player that takes a knee or sits in the lockerroom should b shot in the head i have no sympathy for them and no respect and as for the rest of u obama lovin snowflakes out here protesting and makin idiots of urselves u should b shot on sight to if u disagree with me then dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya"