LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - As deadly Hurricane Matthew starts making its way up the U.S. coast, a couple evacuees are waiting the storm out in Little Rock. Sarah Beadle and Evan Hendler are Naval Officers stationed in Charleston, South Carolina already planning to visit Little Rock, Beadle’s hometown, for a wedding this weekend, they had to make some adjustments to miss the storm. A mandatory evacuation was issued for their area.

"Everybody was trying to get out of there pretty quickly," said Hendler.

Sarah and Evan are just two of the hundreds of thousands of people who have evacuated the coast.

"We have a huge tree in our front yard so with 110 mile an hour winds, anything can happen," said Beadle.

While packing to leave Charleston they witnessed a city in panic.

“I didn't realize the gravity of it until we got the evacuation order," said Hendler.

“Traffic was backing up, there were trailers, boats, RV’s, things carrying horses, everyone was just taking everything with them and just leaving," said Beadle.

Wednesday, the state reversed the eastbound lanes of Interstate 26 from Charleston to Columbia, allowing more drivers to move inland at once.

"It took an hour to get home, normally it takes 30 minutes," said Beadle.

Airlines have been working with those affected by Hurricane Matthew. While Hendler and Beadle originally planned to fly into Little Rock Friday evening, they were able to move their flight two days up.

“All flights would have been grounded at that point," said Beadle.

They had to drive to Atlanta to catch their flight to Little Rock.

“It took me like 30 minutes to get gas and people were filling up gallons of gas, pulling them out of the beds of their trucks," said Beadle.

“No bottled water, no ice or anything at the grocery stores," said Hendler.

For now, it's anyone's guess what they'll return home to.

“Going back could be going back to some pretty bad damage but hoping for the best," said Beadle.

“Probably going to be a lot of work to be done but once I get back there I'll deal with it, for now I’m just going to enjoy myself in Little Rock,” said Hendler.