LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A new beauty trend has women and girls everywhere putting more than just makeup on their faces.

Permanent freckles have become increasingly popular thanks to social media. And what's so ironic about it all, many who have freckles genetically, wish they didn't have them.

"If they want it, they want it. And I'll do it,” said Mackenzie Pierce, owner of Mack Rae Permanent Cosmetics.

Social media sites like Instagram have caused the trend to skyrocket. "I've done basically any type of beauty mark you can get,” said Pierce.

Pierce has worked in the permanent cosmetic industry for about a year and is no stranger to bizarre requests from clients who want to spice things up. "I've had a lot of clients come in and complain that their face is blank, they want something.”

She can tattoo the usual procedures, including freckles. "I offer eyebrows, eyeliner, lip, hairline, scar camouflaging, and areolas for breast cancer patients.”

Is social media to blame?

"Yes, it is because no one used to want freckles,” said Pierce. "They tell me where they want them and I'll stencil on exactly what they want, size placement and everything. I tattoo it on with two or three shades for dimension.”

The procedure is easier than most people think. But tattoo artist Matt O'Baugh encourages people to think twice before you ink.

“That's just something you can't go back on. What about when your grandma sees that her granddaughter’s got freckles?”

Permanent freckle tattoos

In 15 years, he has seen a lot of tattoo fads come and go. "Most of the people seeking out freckles are younger girls. At 18 and 19 years old, that's a huge decision to get a big spread of tattoo across your face,” he said.

O'Baugh isn’t offering the service at his shop. "For us it's more of an ethical standpoint.”

If it’s something you think you might be interested in, the tattoo should fade and look more natural after the healing process. Just don’t forget to consider the risks or complications associated with procedures that break the skin.

"You're going to see it every day when you look at yourself and your face is the first thing everybody sees,” said O’Baugh.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to jump on the freckle bandwagon, but don't want to opt for the cosmetic tattoo route, there are freckle strip adhesives you can purchase and use like a sticker that peels off. They are less painful and a little more temporary.