LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Kevin Delaney has a habit for making stuff explode.

He’s known around the world for his amazing science experiments, having appeared on The Tonight Show and The Science Channel, but it's the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock that he has called home for the last five years.

Recently, the famous scientist announced he is leaving the museum for new adventures. Delaney started working at the museum in 2012 as an animal technician. He soon took on the role of educator, performing science experiments for kids.

“It blows their minds. It's a lot of fun,” Delaney said.

Kevin Delaney at THV11 This Morning

In the last year, Delaney's career exploded after getting an invite to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“A lot of fun. A lot of stress. It takes an awful lot of work to put that show on everyday but everybody there is really great to work with. It's a lot of fun,” said Delaney.

Not long after, Delaney nabbed his own TV show on The Science Channel called Street Science.

“We got the opportunity to go out on the street and go to all different locations, parks, breweries, science museums, schools and just meet all kinds of people and talk about science and do some of our favorite demonstrations,” said Delaney.

With so many projects, Delaney announced in June 2017 that he was leaving his job at the museum to pursue new adventures.

“We're incredibly excited for Kevin and his next chapter and we will miss him, but we know we will continue to see him. He’s not just a coworker to us, but he’s also a friend,” said Kendall Thorton at the Museum of Discovery.

Delaney said he isn’t ready to reveal exactly what's in store, but should be able to release more details later this summer.

“There is a lot more to talk about. There are a lot more stories to tell, and a lot of new things to discover, new people to meet and a lot of incredible science that's being done all over the world that I get to learn about and share.”

Delaney’s last day at the museum was June 7. He plans on staying in Little Rock, but also plans on traveling a lot. Stay with THV11 for updates on his endeavors!