LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – While people were having fun and tailgating at Saturday’s Salt Bowl, many stopped to drop off some donations to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"This is how Saline County wants to give back and help,” Spokesperson for the Food Bank Rhonda Sanders said.

With thousands of people coming out Saturday to enjoy a little hometown rivalry, many also took the time to lend a helping hand.

"When Harvey struck and we saw the devastation we really felt a need not only to give back to our community but to give back to those in Texas," she said.

The Arkansas Food Bank was collecting jars of peanut butter from football fans outside the stadium in order to show support for Texas.

"Peanut butter is one of those items that high in protein, it doesn't have to be refrigerated, it doesn't have to be cooked and when you suffer through a disaster like Harvey there might not be electricity for days," Sanders said.

Sanders collected the donations and she said this game was a perfect opportunity to give back.

"Citizens are coming and they are dropping off checks along with two or three jars," she said.

And if people forgot to bring a jar to drop off fans could still pitch in.

"You can drop some money and those dollars will be used to acquire peanut butter to go down to Texas," she said. “This is an item that's very beneficial and nutritious to those who need some help."

The food bank has been collecting food for days and will head down to Houston once it has a truckload of food.