LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Faith Hill and Tim McGraw left fans devastated after cancelling their Little Rock show scheduled for Thursday at Verizon Arena.

Michael Marion, General Manager of Verizon Arena, said the announcement is something that certainly hurts fans and arena staff.

"We hate to lose a show and disappoint people," said Marion.

On social media, rumors have been spreading like wildfire. Some people are concerned the cancellation was due to crime in the city or lack of ticket sales. Marion said it was strictly about Faith Hill's health. He said a representative for Hill for told Verizon Arena that Hill's throat was hurting her after a recent concert. When she got off the stage after a performance on Tuesday, she "just couldn’t keep going". Her doctor later recommended she go on two days of vocal rest, meaning she couldn't sing in Arkansas.

For Verizon Arena, the cancellation was very unfortunate. They had sold nearly 10,000 tickets for the concert making it one of their better selling shows. Marion said selling 10-13 thousand tickets indicates good sales for a show. The largest audience at Verizon reached 18,000 at a George Strait concert in 2006.

THV11 caught up with Megan Triplett, a big Faith Hill and Tim McGraw fan from Hope. She said she was so shocked at the cancellation, she thought it was a joke or a fake news story. But when she found out it was true, she was more sad than mad.

"It's just heartbreaking because I really wanted to see them in concert," she said. "I'm not mad and I understand the circumstances of it."

She wasn't the only upset fan. Jenn Cook had purchased six tickets on her credit card, hoping to have a fun night out with her friends. She's mostly sad that's not going to happen anymore.

"The fact that I get a refund is nice but I really wanted to have that girls night," she said.

On the bright side, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw didn’t want to leave their fans with nothing. If you listen to KSSN radio, you could still see one of their shows. Matt Cruz with KSSN said a representative for Hill and McGraw is giving them a free giveaway prize for a flyaway trip to Dallas to see one of their other shows.

"It's a little bit of an apology for the fans," said Cruz.

You can find more information about the Dallas giveaway on KSSN Radio's Facebook page or on their website. You can also click here for further information about Verizon Arena shows, cancellations, and refunds.