WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 14, 2017) – Farmers and Families First, Inc. has launched its initiative on behalf of the American farmer and consumer to advocate for free market-based policies in the agriculture industry.

The organization will play a lead role in advocating for policies that promote innovation, lower costs through competition, and fairness for farmers and families through relevant mergers and tax policy.

“America’s farmers always put families first by producing the high-quality and affordable food we rely on,” said Dan Conston, chairman for Farmers and Families First. “Washington Policies should not burden farmers who are already experiencing consistently declining incomes, or hurt the average American family with increased prices on essential goods. We stand as an ally for farmers across the country and the customers they serve.”

The most immediate issue facing farmers and American consumers is the proposed merger of Bayer AG and Monsanto Company. This deal would create a $66 billion corporation with unprecedented control over the products farmers and agriculture businesses need to grow, produce and distribute high quality foods American families need.

Conston continued, “We look forward to educating farmers and families on how this proposed merger would increase costs, limit innovation and stifle competition in America’s agriculture industry.”

To learn more, visit www.farmersandfamiliesfirst.com.