CABOT, Ark. (KTHV) - We may be at the tail end of summer, but shopping fresh and local is something many like to do year-round. It's Farmer's Market Week here in Arkansas and many other places around the country.

Both the owner and customers at Holland Bottom Farm today in Cabot said the market is best known for their strawberries. Governor Asa Hutchinson is dedicating August 6 through 12 to farmers who keep our bellies full of affordable and healthy food choices.

“This place is busy every time you come by,” said one customer who’s been shopping at Holland Bottom all their life.

“We have okra, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini,” Tim Odom said, owner of the farm. “We started growing strawberries about 1983 if my math is right, and have been doing it ever since,” said Odom.

Farmers do more than just feed us. They provide families everywhere fresh options and support the local economy.

"It's fresh I can guarantee you that,” Odom said with a smile. He’s been farming all his life. Odom takes pride in his crops not being shipped from California. His lifelong customers appreciate it too.

“If you go to Walmart, everything is shipped in. It’s not raised here. It's raised in South America, Mexico, Florida or California,” said one shopper. The farm grows anywhere between 10 to 14 acres a year. “The plastic behind me is a part of the strawberry crop for next year, its roughly 12 acres altogether,” Odom said as he pointed to a large, and well groomed, field.

Farmer's Market Week highlights the importance of agriculture in the natural state. Governor Asa Hutchinson said fresh produce found at markets promote more than just a healthy diet, but also promote the well-being of Arkansans.

"I think it's a great thing to recognize all the farmers in Arkansas growing produce. Everybody's not doing it anymore, I think most farmers are getting pretty old,” said Odom. “It's money back in the community that's not going out of the community, so it helps the tax base. Makes everybody happy.”

Customers said the farm feeds not only Cabot residents but visitors who travel from all over the state just to get their pick.

Hutchinson's announcement joins a national proclamation by the United States Department of Agriculture. Find a list of Arkansas Farmers Markets here.