LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Little Rock woman has been charged after driving through a family home and killing an infant, but some family members don't believe those charges go far enough.

"It's not fair, it's not fair,’ said Chris Lazarus Thursday, wiping the tears from his eyes, as he showed THV11 the ruins of his Landmark home. "You can still see the foundation. He was right here asleep in his bed. She came in like a missile."

On November 7, 2016, Devon Lazarus' mom put him down for a nap in his crib. Around five minutes later, he said it sounded like a grenade went off in their home. Police said Lucinda Edwards-Harris drove through the stone house.


"She come storming through the yard so fast she uprooted a whole tree, knocked a tree branch so hard in yard that you'd have to dig it out, and still managed to strike my house with enough force to send my baby flying out of his crib, and hit the other side of the bedroom wall so fast that it shattered the back of his skull," Lazarus said.

The baby, who had just celebrated his first birthday weeks before, did not make it through surgery.

"I promised him when I buried him that he would see justice, he would see justice served,” Lazarus said.

And justice was served. According to court documents, Edwards-Harris had her first appearance in a Pulaski County court. Chris Lazarus had no idea, until we called him Thursday.

"This is what I've been waiting on, but with different news, and to find out from the news about this. Why is it being so hidden and kept away,” he asked.

Edward-Harris is facing a misdemeanor negligent homicide charge, which carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

"I had to pick the ceiling up to make it to my baby. I climbed over the hood of her truck. And with her eyes, she just followed me. As I got to the other side, she asked if I was going to help her get out of the truck, as I was digging for my baby. I didn't help her. I felt no need to help her. Then five minutes later, she walked away from the wreck, sat not even ten feet from me and my baby, and started using her phone again. How is any of that a misdemeanor charge,” Lazarus asked.

THV11 had the same question, so we went searching for the arrest affidavit, which would say why the prosecutor decided to charge Edwards-Harris with a misdemeanor. THV11 never got that document. THV11 also reached out to Edwards-Harris' attorney, and stopped by her home for comment, but never got a response.