CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Faulkner County residents have an opportunity to help city leaders rename a street. An old section of Highway 25 near Salem Road in Conway will soon be replaced.

Jack Bell, the Conway Mayor’s chief of staff, said the city really has no choice but to rename the highway, because there can't be two Highway 25's

"It's amazing when you ask people to come forth with suggestions,” Andy Hawkins with Conway City Council and City Alderman. “They're more than happy to let you have those.”

The renaming is part of the completion of a new interchange built a few years ago.

"About half of this portion of [Highway] 25 is in the city and the other half is in the county,” said Bell as he looked down the long stretch of road.

Hawkins is surprised and excited about the amount of feedback from residents. "We are building a new road through that portion of the ridge to straighten out a lot of curvy areas,” he said. Highway 25 is known for its twists and windy curves that go downhill.


"I have one suggestion that has come as far as Miami, Florida. This gentlemen has family that still lives on this particular road, and they've lived there since the 1950's,” said Hawkins.

There have been over 12 possibilities submitted so far and more are steadily coming in.

"The Bell Family owned a lot of this valley,” Bell said. His family has a long lineage along Highway 25. Even they’ve put a bet in. "Personally, I'd like to see Bell Valley or something like that. But they've got a lot of good input from citizens,” he said.

"Old 10 Can Hill, now that's my favorite so far in the early voting,” Hawkins said reading a list of submissions from all over.

The council and quorum court will make the final decision. "There's some fifth generation folks living here. A cousin of mine lives right across the street, and another cousin of mine lives right up here on The Old Home Place,” said Bell.

If you live in Faulkner County and would like to give your input, contact any of the Conway City Aldermen. Their info can be found here.