Inferno is based on the novel of the same name by Dan Brown and is the fourth novel in his Robert Langdon series, this third to be adapted for the big screen. Tom Hank returns as Robert Langdon, the Harvard professor and “symbologist” and finds him on another path across Europe to solve riddles and mysteries hidden in famous works of art to save mankind from some kind of horrible danger. Langdon awakes in a hospital with a head injury and no memory of the last 48 hours. When an assassin shows up and starts shooting, his doctor Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) helps him escape. It turns out that he is in possession of an item that could unlock the secret of a madman, a madman who has created a plague that could wipe out most of the human population. He soon learns that the assassin isn’t the only person after him and flees across Europe with his new friend in tow uncovering clues that either lead to stopping the release of the virus or causing it.

Dan Brown’s novels are pretty entertaining. The DaVinci Code was a pretty good book and an entertaining movie. Angels & Demons was a great book but didn’t make for a great film adaptation. Inferno is an okay book and an okay movie. There’s not much to say about it. It’s just an “okay” movie. It mostly stays true to the book with some minor alterations to add suspense. For spoiler reasons I’ll spare you the biggest change.

Forgetting the book and judging the movie on its’ own merits, I have to advise you to wait for the DVD or for it to stream somewhere. It’s an okay movie that is a sequel to another film that came out 7 years ago. I’m not sure why Tom Hanks does these films. I guess he likes working with Ron Howard that much and would just say he has fun with this character. Robert Langdon just isn’t a challenge for him and the puzzles he has to solve aren’t as intriguing or elaborate which causes the film (and the novel) to lose what made it interesting. I like Tom Hanks. I like Felicity Jones. I think Ben Foster, who plays the villain Bertrand Zobrist, is one of the best character actors of our generation. The problem is they all seemed to be phoning it in and walking through their roles.

A disappointing outing for sure.

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