LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - For the first time in Arkansas, a new all-inclusive bathroom is available for families.

It centers around an innovative technology that many parents say will make a huge difference in their child's everyday life. That’s because, for millions of families in the U.S., there aren't changing table options for children and adults that have outgrown standard “koala” station sizes.

That's why the new bathroom facility at Arkansas Children’s Hospital is making a big difference for many families.

Ava Brewer is a sweet and beautiful girl with Angelman syndrome and other medical conditions. For the Brewer family, going out in public is always a challenge because of the limited bathroom facilities for children.

Ava & Rachel Brewer, Amanda Jaeger, Credit: KTHV

Ava’s mother, Rachel said her family often must resort to changing Ava in either their vehicle or sometimes, on a bathroom floor. It’s an issue the Family Advisory Board at ACH successfully advocated for.

Becky Humar with ACH said she believes their new restroom is the first ever restroom with modifications that would allow patients or visitors of any size or ability to be safely cared for.

“The restroom is for anyone who comes on our campus who needs a safe or comfortable place to change a child, teenager or adult,” said Humar.

The bathroom includes a changing station that can be elevated and lowered electronically to make changing easier, cleaner, and safer. It’s an innovative creation that parents of patients at ACH are hoping will be a catalyst for change beyond the walls of the hospital.

Arkansas Children's Hospital, Credit: KTHV

“I would love to see these types of restrooms everywhere,” said Brewer. “Ava is the true definition of joy and light in this world but often we don't get to take her out to places with us because we aren't able to care for her basic needs.”

Her hope is for her family to simply to be able to live both uniquely and equally.

“We’re not really asking for special accommodations for our children were just asking for the ability to take care of them just like anyone takes care of their child,” said Brewer.

The new bathroom facility is located near the main entrance of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.