ENGLAND, Ark. (KTHV) - England has experienced a string of burglaries recently and is seeking help from their community, as police admit incidents like these don't happen often.

Chief Danna Powell said there's been talk on Facebook of someone posting they know who's responsible for these break ins, but they won't come forward until a cash reward is offered. If you're telling the truth, she hopes you're reading.

“The first burglary that we need the public's help in solving was at Conoco. It happened on July 19th, Wednesday, around 4:00 a.m.,” said Powell.

This quiet town has been shaken with back to back robberies which is an unusual crime.

Police described the suspect in the first incident as a heavy set black male. In surveillance video, you can see someone approach the store and throw a rock through the front door.

“He took a bunch of cigarettes,” Powell said.

Two days later on July 21, Salon 501 and Boutique got a visit from another intruder, a white male.

The suspect used a BB gun to break through the front door. Powell thinks he was looking for cash.

“Fortunately, the business owner didn't leave any cash in the business and left the cash drawer open," she said. "There was no damage done. He realized there was a camera inside and took off out the door. It was like 15 seconds and he was out.”

And shortly after that Spradlin's, a local restaurant, was hit.

“He went in, also took cash, and some candy,” Powell said.

All three burglaries last week happened at businesses on Main Street. Police have promised not to stop until those responsible are identified and caught.

Powell added that these are also the first burglaries the town has had all year.

“I’m really upset that we've had this happen, but it happens. In law enforcement, I guess, we wouldn't have jobs if we didn't have thieves,” she said.

England police don't have suspect information for the burglary at Spradlin's just yet. They do think these incidents may be drug related.