FORT SMITH, Ark. (KTHV) - A Fort Smith man, who fixes up bicycles to donate them to children in the community, has given out a total of 63 bicycles since he started and he shows no signs of stopping.

Wes Brown, who spoke with CBS affiliate KFSM, said the feeling he gets when he donates another bike is "unbelievable."

"It's the greatest feeling knowing that you just gave a child that didn't have a bicycle, a bicycle," he said. "When their faces light up when they go or when they find that bike they want they're in love with, it just opens your heart. It makes you feel good about yourself."

In today's economy, many families can struggle to afford a bicycle for their children.

"Bicycles are expensive and days are hard," Brown said. "Some people, they got two or three kids, or even one kid. They can't afford to buy bicycles all the time."

Over a month ago, brothers Jandyn and Jaxtyn broke their bikes and now they are getting the chance to put rubber to pavement.

"It's really cool," Jandyn said.

While Brown will continue to repair bicycles and give back to the community, he hopes to see others join his cause.

"You don't have to bring me the bicycle. If you got a bicycle that you know is good, pass it on to someone you know that might need a bicycle. There might be a child in your neighborhood that needs one," Brown said.

On Friday, June 2, Brown was able to give away 17 bicycles at a customer appreciation day at Maverick Loan in Arkoma.

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