LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On his 15th birthday, an Arkansas foster child didn't expect anything more than lunch at David's Burgers, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. When he got there he was all smiles with surprises. People from all over the country helped him celebrate.

“Well I like animals and I like math and school,” said Anthony while appearing in a short film.

He hopes this film will be the key to finally getting adopted.

Anthony is spending his 15th birthday sharing why he wants a family. In and out of homes for six years, both his brother and sister have been adopted, but he hasn’t.

“I want a brother and a sister and a mom and dad and a dog," said Anthony.

While shooting the film, what he didn’t know is that people from all over the country are helping him celebrate.

Christie Erwin with Project Zero sent out a simple plea on Facebook a couple weeks ago asking anyone to send Anthony birthday cards or gifts. The response was bigger than she ever expected.

"We got response from all 50 states, from 13 foreign countries," said Erwin.

Anthony not only received about 130 cards, he received gifts from all over the country including a handmade necklace, a journal, a bible, a sweatshirt, and endless gift cards.

"Someone from Alaska sent him a keychain, just all kinds of things to show him his worth," said Erwin.

While Anthony’s constant smile made it all worth it, Erwin hopes something even bigger can come out of it.

“The heart of this matter is that Anthony needs a family and so above all else, my heart and my prayer is that that’s what he gets out of this," said Erwin.

Kids like Anthony, waiting for a family, will be at Candyland Christmas Saturday, December 3 in Little Rock. It’s an opportunity for waiting kids and families to meet. The celebration is held at Fellowship Bible Church from 3-5 p.m.