LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Jeff Long was one of the factors responsible for the decrease in the number of Razorback games played in Little Rock.

But now that he's been fired, Owner of Hogman’s Gameday superstores, Steve Jenkins, said he now has hope for future Hog games at War Memorial stadium.

"Originally there were three, then it went to two, and then it went to one and obviously that hurt our sales. Our sales at Little Rock were cut in half," he said.

“The University of Arkansas Razorback games are an economic machine and they drive sales in stores like ours and business throughout central Arkansas," Jenkins said.

He said he feels Little Rock games helped the southern Arkansas hog fan base.

"I don’t think they changed as they took games away, I think they took games away and things changed," he said.

Jenkins said with a new athletic director, that could mean more wins for the Razorbacks, and that could mean more customers coming in to buy Razorback gear.

"Business has been tough, it's been a hard year to be a Razorback fan, and a Razorback store owner, sales are a little bit off," he said.

Jenkins said maybe a change in management will bring a winning football season next fall.

“We've got a new beginning and we're going to have a new athletic director here very soon. Every now and then everyone is entitled to an off year, or five, but we're going to have a good year coming up," he said.

We reached out to Arkansas Parks and tourism, they are the ones over War Memorial Stadium, and they told me that it's not their decision whether the Razorback games are played at the stadium next year or for years to come. They said they are waiting to hear from the University of Arkansas on that decision.