LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – By the constant smiles and giggles 10-month-old Amelia Fowler gives, you would never know she is in desperate need of a liver transplant.

The transplant could cost her parents more than they can afford to spend, so her family has come up with different ways to raise money. Dozens of families have donated thousands of household items for a rummage sale all for Amelia.

“It has just been overwhelming how much support and gifts people have been giving,” Amelia’s mother, Mary Lu, said.

The rummage sale will take place Saturday morning from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Pediatrics Plus in Little Rock. Hallways at the center are filled with hundreds of boxes to be put up for sale.

“You can outfit your entire house at this sale. As of today we probably have 10 to 20 thousand clothing items, household items, baby swings,” volunteer Scarlett Jones said.

Volunteers are planning to work through the entire in order to get everything ready for Saturday morning.

“I just look around and I’m in awe. I don’t know what to say,” Mary Lu said.

Amelia’s Father, Jack, said Amelia has been doing well considering her condition.

“She does still struggle kind of over the past few months with fluid in her belly,” he said.

The remaining items that are not sold will be donated to a family who recently lost their personal items in a fire.