LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - After Washington Post released audio of Donald Trump joking about kissing and groping women, Republicans across the nation have been releasing comments on the GOP presidential candidate. In Arkansas, several politicians have spoke on the issue including Governor Asa Hutchinson.

"The conduct of Mr. Trump over a decade ago is reprehensible and cannot be justified," Hutchinson said in a statement released on Twitter. "And while he has acknowledged it as wrong and apologized, it is important that he demonstrate in the debate on Sunday and in the future that he understands and respects the value of women."

Hutchinson finished the statement stating that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are imperfect. Hutchinson doesn't make it clear if he still endorses Trump but said the election relies on issues like the Supreme Court and national security.

Some politicians weren't as flexible as Asa was. Congressman Bruce Westerman minced no words in his statement on the leaked audio from 2005.

"My preference is for Mr. Trump to give serious thought as to what is best for the country," Westerman said. "If that is to step aside and let Gov. Pence lead the ticket to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency, then I would be in full support."

Both candidates for the U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas, Conner Eldridge and incumbent Senator John Boozman, released statements on Trump's lewd comments. While Eldridge called Trump unfit to be President, Boozman claimed if he heard anyone speak about his daughters that way they would, "be shopping for a new set of teeth."

After appearing on CBS to discuss the first debate, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has continued her support for Trump even though she doesn't agree with Trump's remarks from 2005.

"I cannot condone or defend the words of Mr. Trump," she said in a statement. "There is no perfect candidate. I will continue to support the only candidate in this race who will get federal regulations off the backs of American workers, keep our families safe from terrorists and appoint conservative judges and justices who will serve on the bench and shape the future of our country long past the term of the next president."

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton has said at an event in Iowa that Trump should, "take full responsibility for his words and behavior."

Cotton continued later in the speech, "If he doesn't do those things, if he won't do those things, then he should step aside and allow the Republican Party to replace him with an elder statesmen who will."

Cotton is headlining a Republican event Saturday night in Iowa. Many of the top Iowa Republicans have denounced Trump but do not rescind their support of him. Some say Cotton is testing the waters in Iowa to become the GOP's nomination in 2020.