LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Earlier today, Governor Asa Hutchinson held a press conference on Thursday discussing his upcoming trip to China. While he did address that trip, most of the conference was spent on answering questions regarding Donald Trump's recently released comments.

Hutchinson has continued to condemn Trump's comments, but said he will still vote for Trump to become president. Our partner, Arkansas Business, posted a transcript of Asa's comments on Donald Trump.

One questioned lobbed to Gov. Hutchinson was if there was a "deal-breaker" regarding the party nominee.

Hutchinson responded, "I think you can also ask a question for every candidate, 'Is there a deal-breaker out there?' How many emails have to be destroyed?"

He continued to vaguely question Clinton's campaign and all the allegations the democratic campaign has face before pivoting to say he has pledged to support the nominee of the Republican Party.

"There's a line that's always crossed," Asa said. "But you vote for a team in this instance. I look at the future direction of the country and I've made my decision."

Later in the conference a reporter asked whether Asa would consider the comments in the video to be sexual assault if the happened. He agreed that it would be sexual assault but stressed that, "we need to respect and uplift women, including -- well, all aspects."

Many GOP party members, both local and national, have reprimanded Trump for the comments made in the video. Some have said they will no longer vote for the Republican nominee but Gov. Hutchinson and others continue their support despite disagreeing with the comments.