LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Over the years, the Greek Food Festival has grown from hundreds of people to thousands.

The event has always paired with charities, but this year they've decided to kick things up another notch to give even more back to the state of Arkansas. The annual Greek Food Festival kicked off Friday. Over the weekend, event coordinator Kevin Wilcox, said they're expecting to see over twenty thousand people.

“It's known for the food, we have the pastries and prepared food, the pastries are inside and outside we have the food. We also have a drive through for people that don't have time to stop by and visit,” Wilcox said.

Of course everyone comes for the treats, but the hot item at the festival he said has got to be the baklava.

“People will do anything to get their baklava because it's usually gone before we end the festival,” he said.

This is the first year the festival has charged admission. It'll be three dollars to get in and it's going towards a good cause. Lauren Mccullough said if you don't want to pay with cash, you can pay with canned foods.

“One way this festival is helping the Arkansas Foodbank is at the admission gate. If you don't want to pay with cash or a card, just bringing three cans of canned food to donate to the food bank can get you in to the festival,” she said.

Volunteer Lauren Mccullough said the food donations have been rolling in.

“I think someone got the memo because we've got several cans, they know exactly what to do, they come up and drop the cans and go enjoy the festival. It's really cool, it's going to go all across the state, not just here in Little Rock,” she said.

People at the festival also told us they feel better about spending money to get into this festival over others since it goes to charity. The festival ends on Sunday.