BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Bryant could be the site of one of 32 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Natural State of Kind, a group of people from the Natural State, are putting in their application to open a business in the area. But they won't be able to without getting some input from the community. The group has been in the medical marijuana industry since 2012.

“We invested in our first business in Colorado in 2015,” said Jason Martin. “Our stuff is focused 100 percent on the medical side of the industry as opposed to anything recreational or adult use.”

Martin wants resident to know Natural State of Kind doesn't just want to dispense the drug, but also teach patients proper medical use, strains, and ingestion methods.

“From the street, it's not going to really stand out,” said Martin.

They currently operate in six others states, but have always wanted to open a business in Arkansas.

“Unfortunately, it didn't pass here in 2012 but we decided to go ahead to get our education, learn more about the industry at that time. We went to other areas,” Martin said.

LeeWood Thomas, who lives in Bryant, thinks his neighbors should get on board.

“If cannabis is not right for you, for whatever reason you've decided on, that's fine. Don't choose to use it as a source of medicine. But don't prohibit others who want to use it as means of therapy,” said Thomas.

There are eight zones in the state for dispensaries, each can hold four. Bryant falls in zone six.

“Each dispensary has to be 1500 feet from the property line of an existing church, school, or daycare,” Martin said.

While confident in their potential, he admits the application process in Arkansas was challenging. If approved, it will create up to 20 new jobs.

“The dispensary has to be in convenient locations. Bryant seems to be as good of location as any other. It will bring construction and jobs to the area. And will bring medicine to those in need,” Thomas said.

The facility will look like a doctor's clinic and would be located right off Bryant Parkway exit on I-30. The city will review Natural State of Kinds application tomorrow morning. A public meeting will follow in October.