NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Amid the search for the suspect who committed six physical attacks and sexual assaults in the North Little Rock and Sherwood areas, the Arkansas Armory is offering defense classes specifically for women.

The class will offer more than just a chance to get a concealed carry permit, but peace of mind. The class is designed to be stress free for those who attend.

And although there is a fee, ladies who are interested can receive free one-on-one time with instructors on the gun range.

"I'm concerned about the safety of people in our community,” said Nathan House, General Manager of the Arkansas Armory.

After hearing about the attacks and sexual assaults happening in the area he lives in, House decided to get involved.

"We've offered some special women's only classes,” he said.

House said there's no such thing as being over prepared when it comes to your life.

“Just anything you can do to show that you've got a little bit more fight in you,” said House.

Even if you don't own a weapon, House said you are welcome to attend.

"A lot of times, a lady doesn't have a firearm of her own,” House added.

These special classes will include free gun rental and ammunition. Arkansas's minimum requirement is a five hour class.

"We go over all kinds of material," House said. "From prohibited places that you're not allowed to carry and other states that your license is going to work in.”

House also said situational awareness is a big part of learning how to not become a victim of a crime. And if you're not interested in owning a gun, the options of pepper spray are endless.

"All you have to do is turn the tab here and press down,” House said showing how to operate a pepper spray key chain. You can choose from small to large cans that fit into pockets or a purse.

"We had a lady a few years back over in Little Rock that bought one from us and was fueling her vehicle at a gas station,” said House. "A guy comes around the corner and tried to grab and force her into the vehicle. She grabbed the spray and started hitting him in the face. He took off and left."

In one of the more recent attacks, a woman in North Little Rock was assaulted after getting some gas.

All training will be entered directly into the Arkansas State Police system and fingerprints will be delivered for you. Stores in the area said sales for pepper spray have gone up within the past few days.

For more information on these classes, click here.