NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- North Little Rock's Baring Cross community is moving up!

Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas and volunteers spent Saturday repairing homes in the area. They call it Rock the Block and rocking and working, they did indeed.

"There's 200-300 volunteers out here, a lot of guys for the air force base,” said Bill Plunkett.

Since 1989 Habitat for Humanity has built or rehabbed over 160 homes.

“We only do external repairs,” he added.

“We kind of let the outside and exterior of our house go because it wasn't a necessity, versus the interior repairs that needed to be done,” said Veronica Wirges, a lucky homeowner who received a house-makeover Saturday.

The group plans to repair about 15 houses in the neighborhood.

“A lot of times if you just spruce up the neighborhood, people take more pride in where they live and what they're doing. It just makes great sense,” Plunkett said.

He enjoys giving back to the area and fostering strong relationships. But when they first started this mission, Plunkett doesn’t think many people took them seriously.

“We had to go door to door and tell people we could fix stuff on their house. They were skeptical to believe us. But now that we've done a bunch of repairs, when we say we're going to do it there are a lot of people that come and volunteer,” he said.

Wirges was excited when she heard Habitat for Humanity was coming back to her area. She and her husband even encouraged their neighbors to also take advantage of Rock the Block.

“My neighbor Roman, who's an elderly gentleman that lived next to the previous owners before I bought this place. And also, next door, Stephanie,” she said.

And that's not all, Wirges also got her hands dirty too.

"I think it's a jumpstart that will help us all keep up on things” she added.

Habitat for Humanity has nearly 70 homeowners in Baring Cross. They offer fresh paint, yard clean up, fencing and much more. If you want to volunteer, participate in the program, or have your home be made over next click here.