LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Neighbors in one West Little Rock neighborhood woke up to the same realization Tuesday morning: their cars had been broken into. Police said they may know who’s behind it.

Neighbors in the Village at Wellington said they've experienced a few sporadic car break ins in the past, but don’t recall so many happening in one night. Tuesday morning, multiple homeowners woke up to items missing from their car and police said each theft has one thing in common.

Lynn Powell is of those victims. She and her husband’s cars were parked in their garage. Their garage door was cracked several inches for their cat to get in and out, allowing the criminals to lift the door and slide in.

“We’ve never had an issue up until now,” said Powell.

Tuesday morning she woke up realizing both cars had been broken into.

“My car door was open, my glove box, you knew immediately,” said Powell who added they already spent several hundred dollars on her stolen credit cards. “Kevin had his pistol taken, all of his money. I had my checkbook stolen.”

Once her neighbor, Brad Shock, heard about what happened, he realized he was a victim as well.


“We looked at ours very quickly and everything was kind of messed up but they didn’t steal anything," said Shock.

Little Rock Police Department’s Lieutenant Steve McClanahan said they have six reports of car break-ins from early Tuesday morning in that neighborhood.

“The common thing is all the vehicles were left unlocked, we believe they were left unlocked, there was no forced entry," said McClanahan.

McClanahan told us about 50 percent of car break ins are a result of unlocked cars.

“That’s inviting for a criminal," said McClanahan.

Police have several persons of interest and believe they're likely repeat offenders.

“It’s not their first rodeo," said McClanahan.

Police said this serves as a reminder to keep garage doors completely shut and always lock your doors.

“Hey, it’s a wakeup call," said Powell.

Police aren't ready to release the names of the persons of interest.