NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Halloween is only two weeks away and many houses are already decorated. While the holiday spirit continues to grow, some are concerned with what day Halloween falls on this year.

Halloween will officially take place on a Monday, but there has been some debate on when people should celebrate.

Although the City of North Little Rock has no plans to regulate the celebration one way or the other, they wanted to see some discussion. They posted a poll on Facebook to see if people wanted to trick-or-treat on Halloween or during the weekend.

Nathan Hamilton, spokesman for the City of North Little Rock said he hoped that people could have a discussion about it and come to a decision themselves. With over one hundred people taking the poll, the results were clear; three to one, North Little Rock residents want to keep trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Joy Sanders lives in North Little Rock. She said she will take her kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night but will keep her lights on all weekend.

“If we get one on Saturday or Sunday, we have candy,” said Sanders.

Hamilton said that the city is fine with whatever day people celebrate as long safety is their top priority.

“No matter what night you go to trick or treating, whenever you talk to your neighbor and get it figured out, just be safe. Watch if you’ve got kids on the streets. Drivers, be considerate. It’s a fun time for kids and we want it to stay a fun time.”