LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - For millions of people, Monday night will be all about getting treats from the neighborhood homes, but Sunday night at the River Market was all about giving help to our neighbors without homes.

"Halloween on the River" benefited a well-known advocate group that helps the homeless, The Van. The number of homeless living in central Arkansas is a problem and despite the warm weather right now, that problem will get worse as winter approaches.

It's helpful hands from Arkansans that will make this season a little warmer for those living on the streets. The little things like comfort and warm are what means the most to those living without. Tony Seavers is currently living homeless and she knows firsthand the struggle of living on the streets.

“I've been eating with the homeless for about a year after I lost my job living off of a $400 retirement check," she said of her struggles.

Staff members at The Van, saves hundreds of lives every year with their care for the needy. Founder Aaron Reddin joins other organizations in central Arkansas to help fight and end homelessness.

“We go out to where our homeless neighbors are staying whether its encampments in the woods, whether it's under bridges and alleyways, wherever folks maybe that are unsheltered we just get out to them and try to figure out what their basic needs are," Reddin said.

Reddie explained that there's a shortage of beds in the state of Arkansas right now. He said that state is short about 1,000 beds. That's 1,000 homeless people out on the streets of Little Rock and other cities staying outside.

And it's only going to get worse in the next two months. In addition to the colder weather, those homeless face problems when they arrive in Little Rock.

"Folks get here and figure out that they can't get into one [shelter] because they don't have identification or they can't come up with $7 a day or a different variety of things, but we see an influx of folks coming to Little Rock," Reddin said.

Expendable items to us will mean everything to them. Donations are the blood of The Van's mission and to Tony Seavers and other homeless people, donations can literally save lives.

If you wish to help out The Van, you can help by contacting the organization on Facebook.