LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Halloween spending is expected to top $8.4 billion this year, and Little Rock shoppers are getting a head start, already filling their buggies and shopping carts with costumes.

Early shopper, Katahna Jefferson was out with her son looking for affordable costumes.

"I didn't expect it to be this many people today," Jefferson said. Shoppers are starting early, hoping to beat the crowds and get the right size costume before it's too late.

“We were actually up here just to be shopping regular. And then I thought, 'Well let me come in here and get him something for Halloween.'"

Assistant manager of Spirit Halloween, William Williams, said if shoppers come early they will likely get their pick, beating the rest of the crowd that trickles in throughout the month. Williams said business starts off slow and then quickly picks up later in October.

It's around this time of year is when he sees more people coming inside and buying costumes.

"They come in. They want to buy some of the things that they think is going to sell out. That way they get their pick," Williams said.

This year is a little different with so many new movies and costumes to choose from. It's projected that more shoppers will be out this year than last year, making it the second largest celebrated holiday after Christmas.

"This is my first year ever buying a costume. I do go Halloween trick or treating every year, but this is my first year ever buying a costume for the both of us," Jefferson said pointing to her son. And the options for costumes is unlimited.

"For Little kids, we've got P-J Masks; we got Shimmer and shine," Jefferson described. The more options shoppers have to choose from the more they will buy.

"It's so many different movies every year. They have to come out with the new and hottest new thing we follow script with them and whatever they got to tot, we got to tot," Williams explained.

For grown-ups, the hot costume for ladies this year is Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad.

Store managers at local costume shops said the regular cast of superheroes is topping the list of costumes for younger trick-or-treaters this year.