SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Students at Harding University in Searcy are living by example with an upcoming day of service.

Wednesday will be the university's 11th Annual Bisons for Christ event. An estimated 2,000 students will participate in about 200 service projects around the city. Volunteer projects will include serving widows in their homes, visiting retirement communities and children’s homes, tending to animals at the Searcy Humane Society, assisting in cleanup at local camps, working with after school programs, hosting sport clinics and more.

"We want to go out and serve the community in any way we can, wherever we are in the world,” said Curtis Wilson.

Wilson is a student at Harding University and the Project Coordinator for Bisons for Christ.

"We have widows that aren't able to do their yard work themselves. So we're just there to pick up leaves and things around the yard. Things that they can't do,” Wesley Hargon said.

Hargon, also a student, heads the Advertising Committee. Bisons for Christ will join nearly 100 other students from around the world in lending more than just a helping hand. This year's theme is "Continue".

"It kind of goes along with the idea that we want this to be a starting point for service throughout the whole year,” said Wilson.

He assures the community and his peers that this day is not just a one-time act, but a foundation for lasting impacts in the community.

“Cooking and taking care of kids are the most famous projects we have,” Hargon said.

"This one day is just a way to get out and make some connections with people. Build some relationships and do some work. We want to continue that throughout the whole year,” said Wilson. A lot of students and community members are still signing up, "And people are going to be signing up until Wednesday morning,” he added.

"Right now, we're just cleaning out her flower bed so she can plant new flowers here. We’re taking out all of the weeds and making everything fresh for her,” said Hargon.

He, Wilson, and another student stopped to work in a homeowner’s yard early today. They plan to finish up what they’ve started Wednesday.

“I’m looking forward to taking to taking pictures, seeing smiles, and seeing people build relationships because that's what Bisons for Christ is for. We build those relationships so that the service continues after this day,” Hargon said.

These students are demonstrating selflessness 365 days of the year.

"It not just in Searcy. It’s going to be all over the world,” said Wilson.

Students in study abroad programs in Italy, Greece, and Latin America will join Bisons for Christ on Wednesday. If you live in the Searcy area and want to get involved, click here. Or contact 501-268-4191 and send questions to