LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock woman has decided to take matters into her own hands after thieves have tried to break into her car four times this year.

Denise Johnson came up with what she thinks is a clever deterrent. She hopes it will keep thieves moving and maybe even make them laugh. On Saturday night, when the thief found Johnson’s car was locked outside her Heights home, they busted open the window to her car and her husband’s.

"This fella was very dedicated to his craft," she said. “My husband didn’t have anything in his car, nothing! And they still bust the windows out to go through the glove boxes."

The criminal left empty handed, but they didn't stop there. Johnson said several other neighbors were hit on Saturday night.

This year, there have been 251 reported car break-ins, according to the Little Rock Police Department. That number is significantly more than last year's recorded 167. The year to year total number of break-ins has also increased. In 2014 there were 200 total; 2015 there were 218 total; in 2015 there were 282 auto break-ins total.

“He must have been so disappointed that there wasn’t anything in there but mittens and an ice scraper, So I thought you know I should just make a sign and tell him everything that’s in here so he doesn’t have to bother," Johnson laughed.

Locking your doors is one thing but this is just another reminder of why it’s so important not to leave anything inside your car and Johnson said, “why not let the thieves know?"

Credit: KTHV

Her note begins with, “Dear thug, a few things you should know before you bust my window out." She made the creative sign to let potential thieves know exactly what they'll find inside her car like a dog leash, grocery bag, and ugly mittens.

"Some Kleenex in parenthesis some are used. Hope this helps. Love, Denise," she said.

Johnson is hoping those looking for a good find will believe “her children have taken anything worth stealing” and in her “horrible taste in music" maybe they'll just move along.

Johnson’s sign has been a big hit on social media. Many are already threatening to steal from her, but they just want her sign idea.