For the past few weeks, we've been giving out tips on how to keep your gifts safe during the holidays.

And even though the space under your tree is probably empty now, those same precautions are necessary. Keep your new items safe and don't attract unwanted visitors to your home by being careless.

“Let's say you have a television, computer, gaming systems and things like that. If you just take all the boxes and put them out on the curb or in front of the house to be picked up, everyone gets to see what you've got inside the house now,” said Officer Steve Moore with the Little Rock Police Department.

Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn't mean it's time to let your guard down.

The holiday season is known to bring lots of unwanted car break-ins and home burglaries.

“We get calls where they're walking around checking cars and door handles also,” Moore said. He suspects that trend will continue for a while before things calm down.

Don't give thieves a reason or opportunity to take your gifts. When disposing trash and boxes, it's important to flatten everything out as much as possible.

“Hopefully if you've got a recycle bin you can put it in that or just keep it out of site until you can haul it off yourself to somewhere else it's supposed to go,” he added.

Moore also thinks securing windows and doors is just as vital as securing trash outside. Don't leave home windows wide open where everyone can see what was once under your tree.

"And another thing I suggests is that if you have new electronics, in a reasonable amount of time make note of your serial numbers,” said Moore.

Serial numbers found on pricey items can help police track items easier if they get stolen. When returning gifts, the same rules apply for when you were out purchasing them. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, don't leave anything in plain sight.