HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) – A retired Hot Springs man is turning some people’s trash into works of art.

Porfirio Guteirriez has several great loves including his family, his classic Mercedes, and his motorcycles.

"This is 99 percent original," he said, referring to his Mercedes.

His family lives in Europe, but he goes to see them every year.

And then there's his motorcycles. "See the headlights? The grill, these are all from watches. If you can see in there, the speedometer is from watches, too."

He makes these bikes out of watches. "I wanted a hobby that was not like everybody else's hobby.”

"I don't know how many I've got there, my goodness, I've never counted. Look at this! And that's only half of it," he said as he showed off his incredible watch collection.

"People know that I do this and that's where I get all these watches from. So I don't think I'm going to go dry anytime in the first couple of years.”

He took up the hobby about five years ago. "This is the first motorcycle I made. This is what started the hobby. Here's the gas tank," he said as he walked us through his collection.

He also walked us through the process. "I have it in my mind's eye, I don't have plans. I'll start this over here. I'll use this jig, I call it a jig, and I’ll thread this around the jig."

Then he uses watches for most of the bike. "Well, this has five Rolex watches on it. But the thing is, they're fake."

Each bike takes about 30 hours to build, and he says he's made about 25 of them.

"Every single one is different, just because every watch is different."

He says he hopes sharing his love will help others find their own love. "The idea is to try to stimulate kids to repurpose things, make things out of things that are just laying around.”

In case you're curious, Porfirio's wife likes this hobby. He told said that he hasn't been in trouble since he started making the bikes.

If you'd like to buy one of these motorcycles, he sells them for a few hundred dollars. And he can also create a bike with things you bring him. Contact Rob Evans at, and he'll give you Porfirio's information.