LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Homeowners this time of year likely all have a few things in common. Mowing, trimming, and ants.

Typical spring elements complicated by plenty of rain creates the perfect environment for these little insects. It can be a headache and constant problem to deal with.

If you've never had an ant invasion, consider yourself lucky. Internet remedies like wiping the counter with vinegar, using fire, or spreading paint to trap them doesn't always do the trick. But something as simple as keeping your sink and kitchen counters clean will help .

"Ants are very finicky,” said Jack Bell with Advantage Mosquito and Pest Control.

They're also smart and resilient.

"I happen to get ants the most right after we've had heavy rain, and if you've noticed we have had heavy rain recently,” Dr. Janet Lanza said, a retired biology professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Increased rainfall pushes ants out of the ground forcing them to relocate in and around your home.

“You'll see them carrying eggs to different parts of the yard where they think they can get out of that water,” said Bell. He visit many homes frequently this time of year.

“The queen ant has 3 needs," Bell said. "She wants either a sugar, a fat, or a carbohydrate.”

Even though it'll cost you more, a pest control company can help the demise of ants and keep them at bay.

“Make sure that the house is sealed as tightly as possible,” said Lanza.

She also warns to be careful when choosing and using pesticides in your home.

“Terro is mostly boric acid which is toxic, so you have to be careful about it,” she said.

You can purchase the product over the counter, but don't expect your guests to leave overnight.

"I've had so many ants that they've filled up the container,” Lanza said.

Bell said the only way to really get rid of your ant problem is to get rid of the queen ant.

Even though the smaller, worker ants, may disappear the queen ant could still be lurking around making babies.