LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The holiday season is officially upon us and that means it is time to break out your Christmas lights.

This time of year no doubt brings lots of cheer to many people's homes. But if you are not using proper safety when putting up your decorations, Santa won't be the only one falling off the roof.

"A lot of people enjoy it. The kids love it. And I just love doing it," Otis Schiller said.

Schiller loves to decorate for Christmas, and puts out a big display every year that makes people take a second look.

"I've been doing display work for a long time. All my life really," Schiller said.

But decorating and hanging up Christmas lights can sometimes be dangerous and it is important you take the necessary steps to avoid getting hurt.

"Everything you do needs to be safe…don't mess around. Don't mess around. At all," John Wilson said.

Wilson owns Lighting by Sparky, a professional holiday lighting company, and said you need to check each light strand for potential wear and tear before putting it up.

"They can get little tears in them and that will cause a short. Could cause a fire. You don’t want to get shocked," Wilson said.

Ladder safety is also important, and Wilson recommends making sure the ladder is stable against your house. When reaching forward for the ladder, you should not have to lean over to grab it. The ladder should be within arms reach of your chest.

Wilson also said to stay at the top of the ladder when putting lights on your roof. He said getting on top of the roof can end badly if you do not know what you are doing.

“Ladders are dangerous. You don’t want to play with ladders and you need to be really careful when you’re on them," Schiller said.

If you put Christmas decorations on your front lawn, you unfortunately are more prone to getting things stolen. North Little Rock Sgt. Brian Dedrick said to tie decorations down to make it harder for thieves to grab.

“Zip ties is the best thing that I can think of because they’re not really intrusive. Kind of hard to tell that they’re there. If they come along and try to take it, it won’t move, so hopefully they’ll go somewhere else," Dedrick said.

Dedrick said to also mark your decorations with a phone number and name, so if it does get stolen, it can easily be returned if found.

While being safe when you set up your lights is important, Schiller said to never forget to just have fun with it, too.

"Pick a theme. I like themes. Do what ever makes people happy and enjoy Christmastime," Schiller said.