LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- First the victims’ families had clemency hearings, then court, and then they thought they were moving on to executions but now they're being thrown back into court rulings.

This is something THV11 has had several victims’ families tell us they've dealt with for years and they don't know if they can deal with it much longer.

We sat back down with James Phillips whose wife was raped and murdered in 1995 by Jack Jones, who's set to be executed April 24th, “it's really working on my daughters this time, it's really upsetting them.”

He said his family needs answers that are set in stone, “I feel sorry for the other people down there the other night and it got called off. I know those families are frustrated and I am too. I'm hoping by next Monday everything will be worked out.”

Phillips said he didn't think there'd be this many hurdles to jump, “I was under the assumption that was worked out already and the Governor set the dates and I thought everything would be taken care of but evidentially not.”

Last time we interviewed Phillips he said he respected death penalty protestors but after everything that's happened this week, he's changed his mind, “if they don't like the Arkansas laws then get out of our state, move, whatever you have to do. It's the Arkansas laws so people have to abide by them.”

Phillips said the state needs to set an example or else these criminals will continue to think they can get away with things, “I'm saying bring back the firing squad or show them some way they have to suffer just like their victims did.”

He said he's waiting just like everyone else and he hope's he isn't disappointed, “once they close the curtain and I know it's not going to be called off, I'll be fine.”

Governor Asa Hutchinson released a statement Wednesday night, saying he is surprised and disappointed by the last minute stay by the supreme court. He said "I know the families of the victims are anxious for a clear-cut explanation from the majority on how they came to this conclusion."

The first execution is scheduled to start at 7 Thursday night, but of course that is still up in the air.