LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - If you've ever been stuck in traffic at Bowman Road and Markham Street in Little Rock, the city is trying to change that.

Many drivers use the intersection to get across town, but the city of Little Rock said it needs improvement.

Mike Hood is the civil engineering manager for the city of Little Rock. He said the typical scene at the intersection of Markham and Bowman is heavy, heavy traffic.

"During peak hours, traffic backs up quite a ways up Bowman all the way back to Mara Lynn," Hood said.

Hood suggested adding a turning lane is much needed for the four-way intersection.

"For traffic that's southbound on Bowman they'll have the opportunity to have a right turn lane to take some of that traffic away from the through lane," he said.

Cars coming from Napa Valley will now have their lane to turn right towards Home Depot. Another element of the project includes the construction of a new sidewalk along Markham.

"You can see when you look at it the dirt's all wore in," Hood said. "People are using it, they walk that way all the time. We're going to finish out that sidewalk as a part of this project."

Hood said this will connect pedestrian traffic to the shopping centers at Chenal Parkway. It's a small improvement that should help the flow of traffic.

"I think the primary goal, safety is always a goal, but it will certainly help the flow through the intersection,” said Hood.

That project will cost around $250,000. Improvements will be done during non-peak traffic hours.