LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It was a milestone day for giving in Arkansas as people across the state donated over $5 million for more than 900 non-profits located right here in the Natural State.

With each year of giving, Arkansas Gives has managed to up the ante and this year was no exception. A total of 14,893 donations were made on Thursday, giving a total of $5,597,492 across hundreds of non-profits.

Volunteers set up shop at the AT&T building in downtown Little Rock and got to work bright and early at 8:00 a.m., working feverishly to help people who wanted to donate until 8:00 p.m.

Throughout the twelve hours of giving, fans flocked to the website of Arkansas Gives to give money to the non-profits they wish to help. The need to donate was so great that Arkansas Gives actually had to switch to a different server to make sure everyone got a chance to donate.

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra received the most money, raking in $207,718 on 249 donations. As for most donations, that belongs to Maggie House who had 603 total donations which gave them $145,845 total for the day.

For smaller non-profits, Lucie's Place took away more donations than anyone else. They raised $30,249 off 264 donations. Lucie's Place helps provide homeless LGBT adults with a safe environment, job training, and counseling services.

As the numbers climbed on the homepage with each refresh, emotions in the room grew and grew along with it. By the time it had eclipsed $5 million, the room erupted with applause and our own Craig O'Neill had tears of joy in his eyes.

While Arkansas sometimes get the short end of the stick on the national stage, one thing remained clear through the night. From the hilltops to the rice fields, the Natural State's compassion for others will never be beat.

To see a full list of how much was donated on April 6, click here.