LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Monday, lawyers for Issue 7 filed a petition for a rehearing, hoping the Arkansas Supreme Court will put the proposal back on the ballot.

Arkansans for Compassionate Care argue the state law has made it impossible for a grassroots campaigns to make it to ballot. This in part because of strict laws in place on the process of submitting signatures.

The campaign director, Melissa Fults, said her chances may not be great, but she's continuing to fight.

"If you don't have a million dollars, you can't buy your way on the ballot, which is what happened. We did the work--we worked for two years--the laws were nearly impossible for someone with no money, which we've basically had no money could do," said Fults.

A law professor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock explained the likeliness of the opinion being turned is very rare. Nationally, fewer than 1% of petitions for rehearing ever get granted.