LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (September 6, 2017) - The Little Rock Zoo welcomed a new addition to its African Savannah exhibit with the birth of a male zebra.

The colt, which was born early in the morning of Aug. 29, is already up and running. He was introduced to his exhibit Sept. 1. His mother, a 12-year-old mare, came to the Little Rock Zoo from another zoo in April and was already expecting.

"Anytime a baby animal is born at the Zoo, it is an exciting and special time," Zoo Director Susan Altrui said. "The foal is healthy, active and exploring his new surroundings under the careful watch of his mother. Employees and guests are already falling in love with him."

The colt, which doesn't have a name just yet, has not yet lost the brownish coloring it had at birth. Eventually, the distinctive black and white stripes, with a pattern unique to each individual zebra, will become more prominent.

The colt's mother, "Amara," is the mother to all three zebras at the Little Rock Zoo. They are Grant's zebras, the smallest subspecies of the plains zebra. There are more Grant's zebras in the wild than any other type of zebra, but they face population decline because of hunting as well as habitat loss, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.