LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Jacksonville man has been charged with crimes related to the discovery of an Alabama woman's body at a local lake.

THV11's Winnie Wright was in the Lonoke County District Courtroom Friday as David Houston Harvey was read his rights and heard the charges against him related to the death of 23-year-old Laramie Cline. David Houston-Harvey is facing two felony counts and up-to twenty years in prison.

Police found Laramie Cline's body by Lake Pickthorne in Lonoke County, after she was reported missing while visiting Denver with Houston-Harvey.


"I feel this is a good first step in getting justice for Laramie. I know we've got a long way to go before he's convicted, but this a strong first step in getting justice for her," her mother told THV11 exclusively.

Many have questioned why Lonoke County filed charges of abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence, but not murder. Those are the charges police can prove happened in Lonoke County at this time. Investigators are figuring out where exactly Laramie was killed, and will let that jurisdiction file the charges. The prosecutor's office said they do anticipate homicide charges will be filed.

"I'm waiting for that. I'm looking forward to seeing those charges, I'm looking forward to hearing about those charges being filed We are on our first steps to justice for Laramie with these charges that have been filed. Once those homicide charges are filed, I will feel much better. I feel that we are going to see justice in the end for her," the mother said of the relief that Houston-Harvey is behind bars.

He was given a $500,000 bond, but if it isn't paid he will remain in custody as the state proves its case. They have 60 days or he will be released.

THV11 asked his grandmother, who was in the courtroom with supporters, if she'd like to say anything on behalf of her family, but she declined.

Laramie's mom is trying to focus on planning her memorial, which will be held in Alabama Saturday.

"I lost both my parents, and I thought losing my mother was horrible, but there's nothing that can compare to the pain of losing a child. Especially when you don't have answers. Especially when you don't know why in the world would he do that to her," questioned the grieving mother.

Houston-Harvey will get a chance at a bond hearing on October 16 if he doesn't post bond before then.