JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- The city of Jacksonville may possibly be on its way to being a "wet" twon with a new Drink by the Glass ordinance.

The small town is hoping to attract new restaurants and improve its economy.

“The city is up to some really good stuff,” said City Director Bob Price.

Jacksonville is in the beginning stages of rejuvenating its downtown area.

“Businesses will come if they have the right environment and the right economy, if they feel like they have a market. But they won't come to a town that's not attractive,” Price said.

He’s working hand in hand with town officials to pass the new ordinance.

“There will be some resistance to it, there's always resistance to change,” he said.

The city's plan includes a combination of economic development strategies. Price said the alcohol proposal is the number one objective.

“It's a long-term plan, 13 objectives. The city is into the process. I’m responsible for directing it and working with the mayor,” said Price.

Whether a large chain or small and locally owned, restaurants in Jacksonville currently must jump through hoops to serve alcohol.


“They have to form a club and pay a big fee. People have to come in and sign up to join the club to have a beer or mixed drink,” Price said.

The new bill would make it easier for restaurants to serve alcohol. But don't get too excited. The city council must first endorse the bill and the planning commission has to recommend it. Then there's a public vote.

“Why drive 10 miles when you can drive 2 blocks and go to a good restaurant,” said Price.

The Jacksonville City Council is talking about this at tomorrow's meeting. But it's not the only thing the city is working on. Other objectives include the improvement of streets and new parks.