JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) — Some people in Jacksonville are frustrated with the city after repeated attempts to get streetlights put up in their area.

People who live off Foxdell Circle and Northeastern Ave in Jacksonville said the lack of lights in their neighborhood is a safety concern. Residents have repeatedly reached out to the city to get the issue resolved, but have continually failed.

"It's is dark. Very dark,” Gene Douglas said. "When I first bought this house, we mentioned to them how dark it was and nothing got done."

Douglas has lived on FoxDell for 11 years and said not one street light has been put in since.

"When you stand at the corner you can't see the end of the street,” he said.

Douglas said he is not the only one that is very concerned about it. It is reported all the time.

“[The city is] very well aware of it… nothing. You don't get any response from them,” Douglas said.

Susan Anderson's grandchildren live on the same street.

"They come out here and play basketball. And…there's no lighting, any place,” Anderson said.

She said it is concerning how dark it gets..

"It's very, very dangerous. Especially at night if there's kids out. Makes me nervous...for their protection at night,” Anderson said.

Douglas said some people have bought and put up their own street lights, so the city should be doing the same.

"You can get hit by a car…somebody could snatch yeah…run over your dog…break in to your house. I mean…if somebody was a few houses down doing something I couldn't see it,” Douglas said.

THV11 reached out the Jacksonville Public Works Director for comment, but he did not get back Thursday.